Program Directory

In addition to the Programs offered by the individual partners, there are numerous programs offered Region-wide, such as the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper, High-Efficiency Washer Rebate, Green Business Program, and more.

Use the filter + to select your local water provider and to see all programs available to you. If you do not know who providers your water, you can lookup your address on the find your local provider page before getting started with the directory below.

Commercial, Outdoor, Residential
Rainwater Harvesting

Every time it rains, this naturally softened (and free) water is dumped on your property! Don't let it all flow away! Capture it to use it in your garden when you want to, your plants will thank you. You might even qualify to get a rebate to do so!

Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor, Rebate, Residential
Service Split Incentive Rebate

Many properties have one water meter that serves both indoor and outdoor water use. Separate your irrigation system from your indoor use by installing a dedicated irrigation meter and receive a rebate!

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Outdoor, Rebate, Residential
  • Sonoma County
Sonoma County Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Program

In partnership with Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District (GRRCD), Sonoma Resource Conservation District (Sonoma RCD), Daily Acts, County of Sonoma and the California Department of Water Resources, rebates are available for both small and large rainwater capture systems.

family loading a washer
Indoor, Rebate, Residential
  • Sonoma County, Marin County
Sonoma-Marin HE Clothes Washer Rebate

Replace a top-loading clothes washer with a qualifying front-loading clothes washer and receive a rebate from participating water suppliers.

Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor, Residential
Sustained Reduction Program

Is there a technology or hardware you want to install but we don't have a rebate for it? If it can achieve a sustainable reduction every month in water use and wastewater flow, you may qualify for $200 for every 1,000 gallons reduced!

Commercial, Outdoor, Residential
Water Efficient Landscape Programs

Not quite ready to remove your lawn? Is your controller from the 1980s? Have you been thinking of converting your spray system to drip irrigation? There are many water efficient landscape rebates available.

Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor, Residential
Water Smart Home Programs

Ever wondered how efficient your property is? Having issues trying to reduce your use? Have trained staff walk you through your current system and help looks for improvements that could save water.

person sketching out a landscape plan
Outdoor, Residential
  • Sonoma County, Marin County
Water Smart Landscape Design Templates

Eight scalable, free, front yard designs to fit areas up to 2,500 square feet. Plans are ready-to-permit, and in compliance with local Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances.

water smart label logo
Commercial, Outdoor, Residential
  • Sonoma County, Marin County
Water Smart Plant Labels

The water smart plant label is intended to highlight low water use plants to nursery customers and to promote sustainable landscaping practices