Turn off your irrigation to Save Water

Time to Turn Off Irrigation to Save Water

It’s that time of year, and more important than ever to give your irrigation system its seasonal rest. This fall and winter, preserve and prolong our local water supply by turning off your irrigation timer if you have an automatic system.


The Partnership was formed to identify and recommend implementation of water use efficiency projects, and maximize the cost effectiveness of water-use efficiency programs in our region.

We are Proud EPA WaterSense Partners

Partnership Achievements


square feet of lawn removed via cash for grass/mulch madness


gallons saved through sustained reduction


gallons of rainwater harvesting capacity added


students reached at community outreach events

The Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership represents 13 water utilities in Sonoma and Marin counties that have joined together to provide regional solutions for water use efficiency. Learn more about our achievements in our Annual Report.