Irrigation Scheduling Tool

Create an irrigation watering schedule that is customized to your landscape!

The Irrigation Scheduling Tool pulls data from local weather stations on a daily basis, giving users an accurate measurement of the total water use needed by plants for that week.

How to use the Irrigation Scheduling Tool:

  1. Click on the map or use the drop down menu and select your region.
  2. Option 1: Watering Index = a guide to help people adjust watering schedules for irrigation controllers that include a water budget percentage adjustment feature. This feature (either a button or a dial) eliminates the need to change the watering times one-by-one for each irrigation valve, and permits the watering run times for all valves to be increased or decreased with just one adjustment. Program your controller for July and use the watering index to adjust your controller each week using the seasonal adjustment feature on your controller. Hotter months might be higher than 100%, cooler months will be a lower percentage.
  3. Option 2: Use the schedules published to adjust your controller throughout the irrigation season.
    -Look for your plant type: very low, low, moderate or high water use.
    -Look for your irrigation type: drip or spray.
    -Follow the guide for runtime, cycles per day and days per week. Match zones that have the same number of cycles per day and days per week into the same program.
    -Note, the weekly run time is often split into multiple, shorter run times to help reduce runoff. Allow 30 to 60 minutes between run times to allow water to soak into the soil.
  4. If Run Time signals ‘OFF’, it is because rainfall has occurred in our region and plants do not require additional watering due to soil saturation.
  5. If you have further questions, please refer to our User Guide page.

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