Technology & Collaborations

Since 2010, The Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership has been evaluating new technologies to advance water efficiency in our region. These technologies range from collaborating with non-profits to testing new hardware. Below is a snapshot of the work we have performed. Click on the links to view reports on these programs.

Lawns to Habitat

Summer 2018 – Funded by the Coastal Conservancy and Prop 1, Daily Acts is partnering with Sonoma Water, Conservation Corps North Bay and four Sonoma County schools to convert at least 20,000 square feet of lawn and asphalt into water conscious habitat gardens. By converting a total of 20,000 square feet of irrigated lawn and impervious surface into a permeable, water-wise garden, we will be saving about 500,000 gallons of water annually once these projects are completed.

Unmetered Flow Reducer

January 2018 – The purpose of the Residential Unaccounted For Water Leak Detection Pilot Program was to assess how much unaccounted for water seeps through water meters, undetected. Low flows can travel through water meters undetected due to the inability of the water meter to measure low flows. Unaccounted for water can be reduced with the installation or retrofit of an add-on device, called an Unmeasured-Flow Reducer.

Coping with the Drought

Spring 2017 РResearch conducted by Stanford University’s Water in the West investigated how and to what extent various factors including climate, active and passive conservation efforts, as well as media coverage of the drought have affected the societal response to the drought.

AquaShares Inc

February 2017 – Smart Markets created a methodology where customers can earn credits by reducing water demand below an established baseline, these credits were given a value and could be saved, sold or donated. The pilot tested various values to refine what motivated customers to use less water.

Barnacle Pilot Program

July 2016 – The Barnacle is a device manufactured by Badger Meter, which attaches to most water meters and monitors and records the water use. This data is captured in real time and sent once a day through cell phone networks to an online platform. Leak notifications could be sent to the customer based on a threshold established by the customer.

30 Lawns in 30 Days

October 2015 – Sonoma Water contracted Daily Acts and Conservation Corps North Bay to execute an eight week pilot program to replace lawns in the cities of Rohnert Park and Cotati including the installation of up to five model sites. The scope of the model sites went beyond lawn replacement and included design, planting, and drip irrigation installation.

WaterSmart Software

September 2012 – Supports water utilities in addressing drought conditions through personalized customer engagement solutions. The WaterSmart Software helps suppliers reach conservation goals, reduce water use, detect leaks, and alert irrigation inefficiencies.