Foothills Water-Wise Demonstration Garden


Daily ActsWindsor | 7,500 sq. ft. Public Demonstration Garden

NE corner of Hembree Ln & Foothill Dr, Windsor


Some may picture suburban developments as big swathes of thirsty lawn dotted with rows of houses…but the Foothills of Windsor neighborhood is imagining something better. In partnership with Daily Acts and the Town of Windsor, this neighborhood is bringing a “new normal” to life, starting with the transformation of a large corner parcel of common space lawn.

The old lawn is now a gorgeous, multi-functional, water-wise landscape, designed to serve as a demonstration for homeowners wanting to save water while growing food, habitat, and wonder.

This garden was sheet mulched and planted by volunteers in 2015, and features rainwater harvesting swales, figs, persimmons, pomegranates, and a colorful array of herbs and California natives. If you’re seeking inspiration for how to transform your own neighborhood, or if you just want to know what plants will thrive in hot weather with poor soil, come take a guided tour of the Foothills Water-Wise Demonstration Garden.


Plant List

A printable plant list is available to download for this garden.


Town of Windsor Water Efficient Landscapes Program

Windsor trans pngThe Town of Windsor is offering rebates for the removal of turf grass or for the purchase of lawn sprinkler equipment upgrades that improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system. Raising your system efficiency reduces both the cost and the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. You can save even more water and money by replacing your turf and lawn sprinkler system with drought tolerant plants watered by a drip irrigation system, or by replacing your lawn with mulch, landscape rock, or other permeable landscape materials. Further information is available here.