An Urban Farmer’s Paradise


Mill Valley | Terraced Garden

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • Rainwater Harvesting System.
  • Edible Garden.
  • Wildlife Habitat.

First time Eco-Friendly Garden Tour host Lauren introduces her garden:

Aside from providing stunning visual appeal, this terraced garden in the hills is an urban farmer’s  paradise! Initially inherited by the owner as a garden filled with fruit trees, in 2002 friends and  neighbors were invited to begin using it as community garden. Now packed with many other thriving food crops (like garlic, onion, lettuce, and chard), the garden provides food for seven local families!  It also features some clever, unique creations: The solar panels not only provide energy, but are used to harvest rainwater. Captured water is stored in two 1100-gallon storage tanks and provides a  nearby rose garden with several months of water during the irrigation season. Recycled coffee bags help with weed control and act as mulch, and owl and bat boxes attract creatures that naturally  control pests such as rodents and mosquitoes. Chickens and bees also happily reside on the property. And below the colorful terraces, an old lawn was solarized and turned into a lovely patio area, using permeable fabric and gravel.

Watershed Approach to Landscaping

If we want Marin County landscapes that are truly resilient to the effects of a changing climate, then we need to go beyond sustainable and water-wise principles to begin managing each property as though it were a mini-watershed. By paying attention to the design of the garden, building soil and keeping rain on our properties, selecting climate-appropriate plants and managing supplemental irrigation, we transform our landscapes into abundant watershed-wise enhancements to our properties and neighborhoods.

MMWD’s “Watershed Approach to Landscaping” handbook provides examples of inspirational gardens that conserve our valuable natural resources and create a diverse habitat of plants and insects. It contains more than 110 water-wise plants, landscape design tips, gardening how-to, local nurseries and other resources for MMWD customers.

Learn more about the Watershed Approach with this brief overview.

The handbook is also available at local libraries.

To learn about more water conservation and Marin Municipal Click Here or call (415) 945-1520.