Bees, Hummingbirds & Reptiles


Santa Rosa | 4,500 sq. ft. Front & Back Gardens

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • California native plants.
  • Drip irrigation.
  • Edible garden.
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Rain garden and permeable surfaces.
  • Laundry-to-landscape graywater system.

Bees, Hummingbirds & Reptiles is a lawn conversion garden that has evolved from some natives and ornamentals to mostly natives, some ornamentals and edibles. As the owner of this garden says, “natives can mean less work!” The focus continues to be creating a habitat in an urban setting with low impact development to keep all storm water on site through permeable surfaces, surface retention, nutrient cycling and rain catchment. Nutrient cycling means all garden pruning and cleanup is mulched and returned to the soil unless diseased. Kitchen scraps and cardboard items are composted and used for fertilizer. While the garden may look like a lot of area to work with, the native plants can be very low maintenance and the hours spent in the garden reduce each year as the garden gets more established. It is a work in progress but the owner hopes you find inspiration to garden with natives, create habitat and keep that precious rain on site!

This garden includes:

  • An educational poster on The Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly and Its Plant.
  • Information on how to install a laundry-to-landscape graywater system.

A printable plant list is available to download for this garden.

Graywater & Rainwater Harvesting

L2LIcon-400In California graywater includes water from bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, and clothes washing machines, but does not include water from kitchen sinks or dishwashers. Though all of these sources represent great opportunities to transform waste to resource, the Laundry-to-Landscape system is the simplest, most cost-effective, and does not require a permit, making it an excellent place to start!

Laundry-to-landscape installation workshops are frequently available from folks such as Daily Acts and the City of Santa Rosa. These workshops are a great way to learn more before installing your system.

City of Santa Rosa water customers can take advantage of a graywater rebate of $75 per qualifying fixture. Visit their website for further information, terms, and conditions.

City of Santa Rosa Graywater Rebate Information

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARainwater harvesting is the simple act of collecting the rainwater that runs off the hardscapes on your site for beneficial use. There are passive methods for rainwater harvesting, including infiltration basins and bio-swales, that slow or stop the flow of runoff across your site. This allows stormwater to infiltrate into the ground, hydrating soils and recharging groundwater. And there are active methods of rainwater harvesting, such as catching and storing the water in barrels for later use. If used in the garden, stored rainwater will hydrate soils and recharge groundwater. With active rainwater harvesting, you control when and how the water is used.

City of Santa Rosa water customers can take advantage of a rainwater harvesting rebate of $0.25 per gallon of storage. Visit their website for further information, terms, and conditions.

City of Santa Rosa Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Information