Oak Woodland Retreat



1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Set under huge blue oak trees, this low-maintenance garden is a haven for both people and wildlife. In fact, this entire little cul-de-sac is crowned by mature oaks with an understory of mostly native gardens.

The Chases moved into their newly built home in 2003, and with it came the typical American lawn. These two veteran gardeners, with Master Gardener training from Oregon and 40 years of loving gardening together, set about transforming their boring lawn into an all-season garden using the Town of Windsor’s Water Efficient Landscapes Rebate Program. They converted their lawn sprinklers, mulched the lawn, and planted edible and ornamental trees and a drought tolerant understory. The Chases also worked with their neighbors to install a dry-stream bed feature, which slows, spreads, and sinks stormwater from their neighbors’ problematic downspout. They are currently considering a graywater system.

When it comes to plant choices, the Chases have had to be careful to select plants that won’t cause damage to their oaks, which are sensitive to too much summer water. If you have large oaks nearby, this is a great garden to learn from. The garden’s guiding principles have been to keep it low maintenance and drought tolerant with all season color and interest, and to just revel in plants they have always loved. The Chases would love to share their process and plant knowledge with you!


Plants to Look Out For

  • Blue Oaks
  • Japanese Fringe Flower
  • Smoke Tree
  • Ginkgo
  • Japanese Maples
  • Burning Bush
  • Autumnalis Cherry
  • Native Grasses
  • Rock Rose
  • Lavenders


Town of Windsor Water Efficient Landscapes Program

Windsor trans pngThe Town of Windsor is offering rebates for the removal of turf grass or for the purchase of lawn sprinkler equipment upgrades that improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system. Raising your system efficiency reduces both the cost and the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. You can save even more water and money by replacing your turf and lawn sprinkler system with drought tolerant plants watered by a drip irrigation system, or by replacing your lawn with mulch, landscape rock, or other permeable landscape materials. Further information is available here.