DIY Energy & Water Savings Toolkit


Are you ready to take the next step towards water and energy conservation?

We have the tools to make that happen.
The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy and Water Saving Toolkits are stocked with energy and water saving supplies that can help measure how much energy or water is being consumed in the home and make easy upgrades to your home to help save money on the utilities bills.

The toolkits are available for checkout at the following library branches: Central Santa Rosa, Cloverdale, Guerneville, Healdsburg, Northwest Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rincon Valley, Rohnert Park-Cotati, Roseland, Sebastopol, Sonoma Valley, and Windsor.

In Conjunction with: Sonoma County Energy and Sustainability DivisionSonoma Clean Power, Sonoma County Library, and Sonoma Water.

What you will be able to do with what you can borrow:

  • Check the temperature of your hot water with the hot water thermometer to verify if your water heater is working efficiently.
  • Measure which appliances or devices use the most energy in your home with the Kill-a-Watt meter.
  • Detect trouble areas where heat is being lost in the winter or gained in the summer with the infrared laser thermometer.
  • Monitor the temperature in your fridge or freezer to make sure it’s working properly and efficiently with the refrigerator thermometer.
  • Replace old faucet aerators and showerheads with the proper pliers provided.
  • Prevent leaks in your faucets or showerheads (if needed) with the pipe thread seal tape.

What you will be able to do with what you can keep:

  • Replace high wattage light bulbs with energy conserving LED lightbulbs (4 supplied).
  • Replace high water use shower heads with a quality water conserving models (2 supplied).
  • Replace kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators with quality conserving models (2 each supplied).
  • Seal up drafty switch plates and outlet covers with foam insulating gaskets (18 and 30 supplied).
  • Seal up drafty doors and windows with foam weather-stripping (4 rolls supplied 17’ each).
  • Check for toilet leaks with leak dye detection tablets (4 tablets supplied).
  • Verify if your current faucet aerators and shower heads are already efficient with the water flow rate bags (1 supplied).