July is Smart Irrigation Month

July 12, 2023

Ever wondered how to correctly schedule your irrigation controller based on weather, plants or irrigation application? Well, we have a solution for you!

The Sonoma-Marin Water Saving Partnership developed the Irrigation Scheduling Tool to simplify and enhance the accuracy of irrigation controller scheduling. This innovative web-based tool retrieves data from local weather stations daily, providing users with precise calculations of the optimal water requirements for plants during the week. By considering various plant types and irrigation emission devices, the tool generates a recommended irrigation schedule. The irrigation scheduling tool also includes a User Guide to assist users.

Pro Tip: How do you find a leak in your drip irrigation? Use a couple of your senses – eyes and ears. Start by turning on the individual drip station, then walk along the drip line, looking for spraying water or plants that aren’t doing well. If no leaks are visible, then use your ears and listen for any abnormal sounds coming from the drip line. Often, drip lines get buried under dirt and mulch so using your ears to listen for leaks in drip lines is your best bet.

Need assistance? Some water providers offer free irrigation assessments, check here.