Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 14, 2023

This article is courtesy of the EPA Water Sense:

If you want to celebrate the Earth this year, don’t forget to include water. More than 70 percent of the surface of our planet is water, but almost all of that is ocean water so full of salt, so we can’t drink it! Because water is such a precious resource, we all need to do our part to save it. Here are some ways you can start saving water on Earth Day—and every day:

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 1. Stop the flow. Water doesn’t need to be flowing while you are busy brushing your teeth, so why not turn it off and save a couple gallons? Also, be sure that the faucet is turned off tightly when you’re done washing your hands…those drips become wasted gallons.

2. Lose the hose, reuse those drops. If you don’t drink all the water in your glass, use it to water houseplants or flowers in the garden. Leftover ice cubes can go right into small plant pots; as they slowly melt, they will give the roots just the water they need.

3. Scrap the rinse, scrape instead. If you’re cleaning up after meals, scrape food scraps into the trash before loading the dishwasher. Washing and rinsing dishes in the sink uses a lot more water than the dishwasher, but only run the washer when it’s full.

4. Take a shower instead of a soak. A shower uses less water than filling the bathtub; just don’t stand under the spray for too long! If you shorten your shower by just a minute, it will save two gallons of water. Use less shampoo, so it doesn’t take long to rinse.

5. Don’t use the toilet for trash. Used paper towels and tissues belong in the garbage. Only flush the three Ps—pee, poop, and (toilet) paper. When you use the toilet as a trash can, you waste anywhere from one gallon of water to three gallons or more!

6. Join us at an Earth Day Celebration near you! On April 22, 2023, you can find water conservation information at one of the following events:

For more fun activities, and even a game you can play while you learn to save water, visit www.epa.gov/watersense/watersense-kids.