Improve Soil Health

Healthy living soil is the key to healthy plants. Practices that enhance soil health will increase carbon sequestration, reduce the amount of water needed, and reduce the need for fertilizer.

Recommended Resources:

Incorporate Compost


Add compost to your soil to increase water holding capacity, reduce compaction, and improve overall soil structure. Learn how to build your own compost with this guide from the UC Master Gardeners of Sonoma County.

Of if you don’t want to build your own compost, Zero Waste Sonoma hosts free compost giveaway events. Check to see if there are any upcoming events near you:

Keep Soil Covered

California Fuchsia plant with mulch ground cover

To keep soil covered, add a 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch to limit water lost to evaporation. The mulch groundcover will moderate soil temperature, protect against erosion, and reduce weed seed germination.

The UC Master Gardeners of Sonoma County provide more information on the benefits of mulch in the landscape.

For more information about the different types of mulch and how to apply it in your landscape, check out page 6 of this mulch guide from Bay Friendly Landscaping,

Plant Diversity

Planting a variety of plants will provide more nutrients for microbes in the soil which will lead to healthier soil and reduce the need for additional fertilizers.

Daily Acts and Russian River Watershed Association created a short carbon gardening video to help explain the importance of nurturing your soil through plant choice.

Test for Soil Health

Healthy soil holds moisture and makes more water and nutrients available to your plants. Daily Acts has put together a quick guide on how to test the health of your soil.

Increase Carbon Sequestration

Graphic image of two people gardening with carbon going into the soil.

Healthy living soil draws down carbon and stores more carbon in the soil than is released in the air. By enhancing the health of your soil you can help slow down climate change. Check out these carbon garden resources from Daily Acts.