Water Restrictions:

All Californians Need to Save

Water is precious, and there is never enough to waste. Our community worked together to save water during the last drought. Even though we currently have adequate water supply in our reservoirs now, we never know when drought may return.

These water-waste prohibitions apply to all Californians, regardless of water source. These permanent mandatory water restrictions include:

  • Irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf on public street medians;
  • Irrigation with potable water outside of newly constructed homes and buildings not in accordance with requirements established in the California Building Standards Code.
  • Using potable water to wash sidewalks and driveways;
  • Allowing runoff when irrigating with potable water;
  • Using hoses with no shutoff nozzles to wash cars;
  • Using potable water in decorative water features that do not recirculate the water;
  • Irrigating outdoors during and within 48 hours following measurable rainfall; and
  • Restaurants from serving water to their customers unless the customer requests it.

The programs below are focused on saving water outdoors:

Landscape Design Templates

The Partnership has developed eight scalable landscape design templates for the fire rebuild. These free, front yard designs are scalable to fit landscaped areas up to 2,500 square feet, ready-to-permit, and in compliance with local Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances. The eight front yard plans are available in two of each of these styles:

Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper

Does your landscaper know how to keep your landscape looking great while saving your water and money?  Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) training is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense approved training program for landscapers that provides an educational foundation based on principals of proper plant selection for the local climate, irrigation system design and maintenance, and irrigation system programming and operation.  To learn more about QWEL and to find a QWEL trained landscaper, visit the QWEL website.

Garden Sense

Garden SenseGarden Sense is a free program open to all Sonoma County residents who want to learn how they can save water in their own garden. The Gardener Sense consultants, who are Sonoma County Master Gardeners are available to make a home visit to any local residence to discuss how a homeowner can easily conserve water by creating a garden that is healthy, environmentally sound, and beautiful. To learn more visit the Garden Sense website or call 707-565-3026.

Russian River-Friendly

A comprehensive toolbox of principles and practices for landscape professionals in the Russian River watershed.

Report Water Waste

Everyone can do their part to use water wisely, but some people need a friendly reminder. Use this form to anonymously report water waste occurring in our community.

Eco-Friendly Garden Tour

The Eco-Friendly Garden Tour is a public outreach and education program that promotes sustainable landscaping practices by showcasing inspiring home gardens throughout Sonoma County and North Marin. The Tour highlights Russian River-Friendly and Bay-Friendly landscaping best practices, and supports QWEL certified professionals by featuring their personal or client’s gardens. The Eco-Friendly Garden Tour is self-guided and is provided free of charge.

Water Smart Plant Programs

The Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership offers a variety of FREE programs designed to encourage the use of low water, native, habitat friendly plants in our region. These programs include: Water Smart Plant Cards, Water Smart Plant Label, and the Water Smart Plant Guide.

Community Resilience Challenge

crc-logo-master-subtitle-final (1)Save Water, Grow Food, Conserve Energy, Reduce Waste, Build Community!  Thousands of people across Sonoma County and beyond have risen to the challenge of creating a more sustainable community. Join the movement!