Irrigation Tips


Water Conservation Tip: Target your water use by hand watering exactly in the spots that need it.

Many plants go dormant—stop growing—in the winter and therefore need less water. Your irrigation system should already be turned off for the winter. Use a hose to hand water plants as needed. Be sure that the hose has a self-closing hose nozzle. While the flow rate for a hose is dependent on many factors such as hose diameter and water pressure, a typical garden hose without self-closing hose nozzle will flow at 10 to 16 gallons per minute. If you have a lawn, participate in a local “cash for grass” rebate program available in some areas of the region and get rebate for replacing it with low water-use plants.

If you must use an irrigation system:

  • Use drip irrigation rather than sprinklers
  • Manually activate watering when and where water is needed
  • Adjust your irrigation system to prevent water from running off your lawn, onto your sidewalks and down the gutter.