Urban Oasis


Santa Rosa | A Worm Composting Paradise

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • California Native Plants.
  • Edible Garden.
  • Graywater System.

Our garden includes winding paths around various beds that include many drought-tolerant plants with a focus on being pollinator-friendly. The garden has space for a small chicken coop as well as a bee hive (bee hive is not currently active!)

We have a tiny lawn which is has a drip irrigation system installed underneath it in order to reduce water needed. The rest of the yard is also set up with a drip irrigation system that runs on a timer.

The garden has several fruit trees and some edible plants scattered throughout as well as three dedicated raised beds for veggies.

We have a robust worm composting system for all kitchen and paper scraps. I look forward to explaining to visitors how this was set up and how to keep it running efficiently.

More recently, we have installed a graywater system to be able to use our laundry water in the garden. Paths in the garden are permeable, mostly mulch with some gravel areas.

A printable plant list is available to download for this garden.

Garden Sense – Free Onsite Gardening Advice

Garden Sense is a free program for Sonoma County residents who want to learn how they can save water in their own garden. Garden Sense consultants are Sonoma County Master Gardeners who have advanced training in water management, irrigation systems, site assessment, low-water use plants, and sustainable garden practices.
While visiting your garden, Garden Sense Consultants will provide:

  • How-to information about lawn conversion
  • How-to information about converting your sprinklers to drip irrigation
  • Suggestions of low water-use plants that match your site conditions
  • A basic site-specific sketch that addresses your functional needs
  • An assessment of your existing irrigation
  • General information and tips to help make your garden more sustainable

Make an appointment today! Visit sonomamg.ucanr.edu  or call (707) 565-3026.