Southwestern Cactus Garden


San Rafael | Rancho Pequeno

Front Yard Only

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • Rainwater Harvesting System.
  • Smart Irrigation Controller.
  • Pesticide Free.

Standing in contrast to some of the more typical low-water use landscapes seen in Marin, this  charming Southwestern garden in San Rafael consists almost entirely of cactus and succulents.  Completely designed by the homeowner, and requiring very little maintenance, this garden is an  exceptional demonstration of how lovely desert-living can really be. The best part? Besides a small water feature running through the front yard, the landscape survives using little to no water.  Although it’s clearly the front-yard xeriscaping that first draws you in, the backyard of this property is not to be missed! The same cactus aesthetic provides a lush green backdrop to a lovely and private oasis. Dotted with lush green palms, and mulched with rocks of varying sizes, this landscape’s main lesson to us: low water can be beautiful.

Greywater Action!

For a Sustainable Water Culture

We are a collaborative of educators who teach residents and tradespeople about affordable and simple household water systems that dramatically reduce water use and foster sustainable cultures of water. Through hands-on workshops and presentations, we’ve led thousands of people through greywater system design and construction, and work with policymakers and water districts to develop codes and incentives for greywater, rainwater harvesting, and composting toilets. We believe that decentralized conservation measures can play a critical role in drought resilience, climate adaptation, and the return of healthy stream ecosystems.

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