Sequoia Park Natives


San Anselmo | A Hillside Property

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • California Native Plants.
  • Pesticide Free.
  • Reclaimed and Recycled Materials.

If you have an appreciation for natives and a more rustic landscaping aesthetic, look no further than this small, home-grown hillside garden – sustained without the need for potable water! Unassuming and ‘wild’ at first glance, look more closely and you’ll realize the heart of this garden is truly the homeowner, and his passion for native plants. The green gardening mantra, “right plant, right place” is exhibited here, among the many grassy plant species calling this property ‘home.’
Sun, shade, soil type, slope, and height at maturity are all taken into account as new plantings are added. New plantings are irrigated exclusively in their first year by hand-hauled graywater, captured in the shower and transported in re-purposed containers. Once established, these plantings can thrive on their own, making this garden incredibly low-maintenance (except for the need to weed out the aggressive non-natives in the spring.).
Neighborhood-sourced needlegrass, fescue, and meadow sedge thrive where a small swimming pool once existed, while native honeysuckle wind their way through the trellis archways. Local streets and driveways are cleared of oak leaf duff and the sweepings are re-purposed as garden mulch.

This garden has been professional designed by Bay Wise Gardens.

This homeowner will be sharing his experiences and hosting morning and afternoon talks on gardening with native plants. See presentation details HERE.

Please note this property has a steep driveway.

Fire Safe Landscaping

A fire-safe landscape uses well maintained fire-resistant plants that are strategically planted to resist the spread of fire to your home. Fire resistant plants are great in California because they are often drought tolerant, too.

Fire safe landscaping tips:

  • Create fire-safe zones with stone walls, patios, decks and paths.
  • Use rock, composted or heavy bark mulch, flower beds, and gardens as ground cover for bare spaces and as effective firebreaks.
  • Fire resistant hedges and screens can “catch” embers before they reach your house if placed in strategic locations.
  • There are no “fire-proof” plants, but some are more fire resistant than others. Select high moisture plants that grow close to the ground and have a low sap or resin content.
  • Choose plant species that resist ignition.
  • Choose broad-leafed hardwood trees that are less flammable than pine, fir and other conifers.

To learn more about fire safe landscaping and plants in Sonoma and Marin counties visit: