Point Reyes Prairie


Point Reyes Prairie | Green Roof Design

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • Green Roof.
  • Rain Garden.
  • Restoration Garden.

First time Eco-Friendly Garden Tour host Ashley introduces her garden:

The Point Reyes Prairie garden abuts open space along the Tomales Bay. The neighboring open space has inspired a restoration coastal prairie in the back of the garden. Coastal shrub plants, like bush lupine, prostrate coyote bush and osoberry, border the cattle fence. Species native to the site, like blue-eyed grass, sedges, rushes and danthonia are complemented by a large planting of danthonia propagated from fresh local seed and locally collected wildflower seeds.

The front garden includes seasonal creek, oak woodlands and a septic mound planted like a prairie. Mulched pathways meander through the garden, providing ample opportunities for enjoying the resident birds, frogs, deer and more wildlife. Plants have been propagated from local seed and sourced from nearby native plant nurseries. Some plants are deer-resistant, while others are caged to protect young plants.

This garden receives seasonal rainwater and some hand-watering. The green roof, populated with native plants specific to the region is mitigated by large rainwater tanks. A graywater system feeds fruit trees and swales. The flagstone patio, interplanted with local yarrow, borders the herb and vegetable raised beds, small orchard and rainwater fed pond.

Water Smart Plant Label

About half of water use in Sonoma and Marin counties is used to irrigate landscapes. Save water by choosing water smart plants. Water smart plants are:

  • Adapted to our summer dry climate.
  • Need 70% to 90% less water than turf.

Look for water smart plant signs and tags at the local plant nurseries listed below.