Knoll Top Succulent Garden


San Anselmo | Knoll of Bedrock

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • Deer Resistant Plants.
  • Edible Garden.
  • Wildlife Habitat.

First time Eco-Friendly Garden Tour host Linda introduces her garden:

An eight year work in progress on a knoll of bedrock! Most of my life I’ve enjoyed gardening, especially harvesting food for last minute meals. Every year I’ve brought in at least 8 yards of soil and manure (from an older local couple with a horse)! The numerous droughts awakened my sensibility to attempt a landscape of vignettes using low water plants in my front yard. The goal was to contrast texture and color in this rocky terrain. Thru trial & error, including many contributed cuttings; nature has rewarded me with a big impact landscape that is low-water and fairly robust except when there’s a deep frost or the deer decide to taste everything again!

A printable plant list is available to download for this garden.

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