Santa Rosa | A Food Garden Education Company

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • Edible Garden.
  • Pesticide Free.
  • Self-Watering, Ergonomic Raised Beds.

Avalow is a new company offering proprietary raised beds and educational garden coaching focused on promoting food gardens for healthier eating. Avalow is a first time Eco-Friendly Garden Tour host.

Avalow’s garden is a large urban testing garden in the artsy South A Street (SOFA) neighborhood of Santa Rosa. They focus entirely on growing vegetables and edible flowers. The location used to be a gas station & greasy spoon restaurant back in the day when SOFA was an important intersection in Santa Rosa, prior to the freeway and mall construction.

The garden is fully self-watered (no drip systems) and serves as a testing area for plants and raised beds that are offered for sale. The raised beds are made of corrugated metal, aluminum, stainless steel and redwood and come with a reservoir-based self-watering system which sits at the bottom of the bed and lets the plants control their water usage through capillary action. This is a highly water wise system, using only 10% of the water of a drip irrigation system.

Come visit and see what is growing! You can find out more about Avalow at www.avalow.com or on Instagram @avalow.

A printable plant list is available to download for this garden. Plant list contains many food varieties.

Russian River Friendly Landscaping Principles and Practices

Nurture the Soil

Soil is a complex, dynamic combination of minerals, air, water and organic matter. And although organic matter is a small fraction of the soil, it is a vital component. It includes plant and animal debris in various stages of decay as well as many living organisms — one teaspoon of a healthy soil can contain billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

A cornerstone of Russian River-Friendly landscaping is creating and protecting conditions for a diversity of beneficial soil organisms. It is based on the principle of feeding the soil, not the plant, to encourage a thriving community — a foodweb — of microorganisms, worms and other beneficial creatures. Healthy soil is alive!

Russian River FLG LogoWhy Does Soil Life Matter?

Living soil is teeming with bacteria, fungi, protozoa, beneficial nematodes, insects, worms and other beneficial organisms — amazing workhorses that will carry out the following valuable processes:

  • Creating soil structure
  • Storing and cycling nutrients
  • Protecting plants from pests
  • Improving water infiltration and storage
  • Filtering out urban pollutants

Functions of a Healthy Living Soil

  • Store water and nutrients
  • Groundwater recharge and runoff reduction
  • Neutralization of pollutants
  • Resists pests