A Water-Wise D.I.Y Demonstration Garden


Daily Acts Cotati | A D.I.Y Project

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Front Yard Only

This garden is featured on the Daily Act’s Resilient Homes Tour.

Garden Features:

  • Pesticide Free.
  • Wildlife Habitat.
  • California Native Plants.

Eco-Friendly Garden Tour garden host Sue introduces her garden:

On this street, you will see a number of amazing front yard gardens demonstrating native, pollinator-friendly plant selection. Sue, an active gardener, created an emphasis on slowing, spreading, and sinking water into what was once a lawn. The main feature of this site is a dry creek bed, which has a slight slope and featured accent plants such as milkweed and manzanita. This is a site that is DIY-centered and an excellent low-maintenance model to replicate.

Plants to look out for:

  • Arctostaphylos ‘Emerald Carpet’
  • Arctostaphylos spp. ‘Manzanita’
  • Nepeta spp. ‘Catmint’
  • Epilobium canum ‘California Fuchsia’

Harvest More Rain in the Landscape with Rain Gardens!

A rain garden is a garden which takes advantage of rainfall and stormwater runoff in its design and plant selection. Usually, it is a small garden which is designed to withstand the extremes of moisture and concentrations of nutrients, particularly Nitrogen and Phosphorus, that are found in stormwater runoff. rain gardens are sited ideally close to the source of the runoff and serve to slow the stormwater as it travels downhill, giving the stormwater more time to infiltrate and less opportunity to gain momentum and erosive power. With a planted depression or a hole, a rain garden takes full advantage of scarce resources with the opportunity to be absorbed, integrated, and saved.

Benefits of Rain Gardens

  • rain-gardenReduce the amount of polluted stormwater reaching our rivers
  • Filter pollutants such as oil, fertilizers, salt, pesticides, metals and bacteria out of runoff
  • Promote infiltration and recharge of the groundwater table
  • Reduce local flooding potential
  • Conserve water
  • Create diverse habitat for birds and butterflies
  • Reduce landscape maintenance in terms of time and money
  • Increase property value

For more information on rain gardens please visit Daily Acts website by clicking HERE.