Falkirk Estate


San Rafael | Public Demonstration Garden

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Garden features:

  • Demonstration gardens.
  • Mulch varieties.
  • Habitat friendliness.
  • Trees for shade.
  • Low water use and drought tolerant plants.
  • Deer resistant plants.
  • Fire resistant plants.

We are excited to include the lovely and educational Falkirk Estate, a landscape designed by Marin Master Gardeners.

The gardens are located on a section of the lovely eleven-acre Falkirk estate, a 19th Century Country Estate listed on the National Historic Register and now owned and operated by the City of San Rafael as a public park and cultural center. The Marin Master Gardeners were asked to design and install Demonstration Gardens on an unused section of the property adjacent the gorgeous turn of the century greenhouse. All the gardens are operated by smart irrigation controllers which includes drip irrigation.

The demonstration gardens on the property include:

  • Succulent Rock Garden.
  • Mediterranean Climate Garden.
  • California Native Plant Garden.
  • Beneficial and Habitat Garden.
  • Moon Garden.
  • California Diversity Garden.
  • Xeriscape Garden.
  • Herb Garden.

Events at Falkirk Estate

Making Every Drop Count: Tips and Techniques for Landscape Watering

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Next to the greenhouse at Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael 

Join Tom Bressan for a comprehensive look at how the many decisions we make in our landscape affect our water consumption–from the plants we choose and the watering systems we install, to how we adjust our watering schedules and the possibilities of using rainwater and graywater.

Some tips and topics Tom will discuss include:

  • Planting wisely
  • Considerations for the proper irrigation system layout
  • Choosing the correct delivery method (e.g., drip vs. spray)
  • Proper system maintenance and use
  • The importance of regularly adjusting your irrigation schedule
  • Saving water through rainwater catchment and graywater reuse

Tom Bressan has spoken, written or consulted on all aspects of sustaining the landscape and the environment for Sunset MagazineSan Francisco Chronicle, Ortho Books and This Old House. He will thoroughly address the above topics; show and demonstrate various systems (including Falkirk’s rainwater catchment system); and answer any and all of your questions.

Visit the Falkirk Cultural Center website here.