8th & Bee Homestead


Daily ActsPetaluma | 6,600 sq. ft. Homestead

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

This garden is also featured in the Daily Acts Rockin’ Homestead Tour

8th & Bee Homestead sits on a 6600 square foot (⅛ acre) lot at the corner of 8th and B Streets in West Petaluma. Tiffany and Jaimey moved into the home in September 2014, inheriting three mature fruit trees and a whole lot of landscaping rock.

Inspired by the home’s previous owner’s love of gardening and their own love of permaculture, Tiff and Jaimey got to work immediately, installing a 50’ x 10’ hugelkultur garden bed food forest in Fall 2015, using various branches, logs and trunks from fallen and cut trees in the area. They added another 25’ x 10’ “T” section to the downslope end of the hugel, to help slow and sink rainwater flow as part of Daily Acts’ 2015 Resilience Challenge.

A pair of beehives were added to the garden in February 2015, and the hugelkultur bed features a mix of drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly plants and garden edibles. In addition to her honeybees, Tiff added mason bees to the homestead in March, and to her amazement counted 14 other pollinator species (from aphid wasps and several types of bumble bees to butterflies and hummingbirds) in the garden over a 20 minute period this summer.

Tiff and Jaimey added artichoke-comfrey-yarrow plant guilds circling the garden’s two mature apple trees, an established navel orange tree, and new additions of asian pear, and elderberry are each also encircled by pollinator-friendly, drought-tolerant ornamentals and herbs.

Outside the home’s fence line, Tiff and Jaimey have planted bee-friendly, low water plants (B Street side). Succulents and sedum line a small strip along the fence on the 8th Street side of the property, and Tiff and Jaimey have reclaimed the 8th Street curb strip in front of their house for more growing space. An inherited bottlebrush tree is beloved by hummingbirds and bees alike.

Irrigation on the main garden bed is primarily drip, the interior spine of the hugel (logs and branches) is designed to capture and soak up rainwater, reducing the need for frequent irrigation. Laundry and shower greywater systems have been installed to irrigate the orange tree and beyond, and Tiff and Jaimey use reclaimed water from inside the house out in the garden as often as possible.

The homestead produces quite a bit of food for the neighborhood with a seasonal farm stand supplying fruits and veggies for a good part of the year. More information on the homestead is available at 8thnbee.com.

Caution: This site includes bee hives.

Plant List

A printable plant list is available to download for this garden.


DA LogoPetaluma Historic Library Transformation Event

The Petaluma Historic Library & Museum is a beloved fixture of downtown Petaluma, but its lawn is water-thirsty and outdated rather than historically interesting. Be part of creating a historical moment and a new normal for urban green spaces by joining Daily Acts, the City of Petaluma, and Equinox Landscaping for this (literal) landmark lawn transformation!

We’ll start off with an educational tour of the site’s new water harvesting earthworks, and then we’ll get to
work to sheet mulch the old lawn and plant a beautiful mixture of edible, medicinal, and habitat providing plants. Participants will learn eco-friendly landscaping techniques and get tips on great multi-functional plants that they can use at home, while meeting neighbors and enjoying some time in the sun. Together, we’ll transform this old lawn into a historical monument of community and right relationship to land.

Delicious lunch provided. Kids welcome.

When:  Saturday, May 14th from 10:00am – 2:00pm

Where:  Petaluma Historic Library – 20 4th St, Petaluma, CA

Cost:  Free

To register please click HERE.
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