Eco-Friendly Garden Tour – Santa Rosa Lawn Conversion


Water Wise Front Garden

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This east Santa Rosa residence is an excellent example of a front lawn conversion.

Mary and Angie reached out to the Sonoma Master Gardeners regarding the conversion of their front lawn. Volunteers from the Sonoma County Master Gardeners Garden Sense program provided feedback and suggestions on landscape, drip irrigation, design and drought tolerant vegetation. The objective was to convert lawn to not only an attractive and alluring yard, but a drought and deer resistant space as well. Mary and Angie received a rebate from the City of Santa Rosa for removing the lawn and installing a water wise drip system.

Mary has been an avid Gardner for over 30 years, with experience in designing and maintaining gardens in multiple climates and altitudes. Both Mary and Angie have a strong interest and professional experience with organic plants, herbs and conservation. Using the suggestions from the Sonoma County Master Gardeners, Mary created her own personal design using vegetation that she felt fit the neighborhood and personal taste. A contractor was hired to remove the grass from the garden and deposit the additional soil and pea gravel. Using the design Mary created; she planted over 50 plants and installed the drip system less than a year ago.

This garden is in a quiet residential street and can be viewed from the street and sidewalk.

Plant list

  1. Achillea millefolium (Yarrow)
  2. Armeria maritime (Sea Thrift)
  3. Buddleja spp. (Butterfly Bush)
  4. Ceonothus delileanus (California Lilac)
  5. Cistus spp. (Rock Rose)
  6. Coreopsis spp.
  7. Cotinus coggygria (Smoke Tree)
  8. Erigeron karvinskianus (Santa Barbara Daisy)
  9. Festuca glauca (Blue Fescue)
  10. Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-head Mat-rush)
  11. Mecardonia spp.
  12. Santolina spp.
  13. Salvia spp. (Sage)
  14. Salvia greggii
  15. Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ear)

City of Santa Rosa Green Exchange Rebate Program

The City of Santa Rosa offers customers rebates for the removal of turf and/or the upgrade of water conserving irrigation hardware.

  • Cash for Grass Rebate of $1.00 per sq. ft. up to 500 sq. ft. or $500
  • Irrigation Hardware Rebate of up to $100 for qualifying equipment/hardware

For eligibility and program details visit HERE. The City of Santa Rosa Water Use Efficiency team can be contacted by email or by calling (707) 543-3985.